Thursday, November 14, 2013

All About the Author......

I am a baker of chocolate desserts, devotee of LM Montgomery novels, loving mother of three. You’ll usually find me sipping tea and reading in my favourite café, singing classic R&B, sewing, blogging or riding my bike down country lanes. I love tranquil gardens, Barbie dolls and historical pop culture. 


Life is beautiful, rewarding and fulfilling as I live my purpose - encouraging others to:
Courageously live a life true to themselves, not others expectations.
 Allow themselves to be happy in this one precious lifetime.
 Realise how worthy they are of having relational needs met.
"There is no triumph without courage"


Kesenya has a Masters degree in Community Development and Planning, and is an advocate of placemaking, sustainable living, community resilience and revitalization.

She has worked as a writer, artist, town planner, dating agency data chick, marketing/promotions/public relations officer, landscape designer and now, as an inspirational storyteller/writer.

Kesenya's creative involvement in the vintage subculture throughout Australia has her regularly participating in various musical performances, fashion and modelling work, as well as hosting and coordinating a variety of cultural events based around a Mid-20th Century theme.

Contact Kesenya via comment on this blog or Life is like a Sponge Cake facebook page


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