Friday, May 9, 2014

Learning to dance again.....

A couple of months ago I took my children along to the local rock n roll dance lessons (I thought it would be a good 'family' thing to do together.) Well, the kids enjoyed it, but an hour was about as much as they could concentrate on and I ended up coming home a bit more frazzled than energised.
So, I think I will leave it for a little while longer - just till they get a wee bit older.
It has been the biggest mental hurdle I have faced actually - getting back into dancing again. Of all the things I struggled to 'get back on the horse' with, dancing was the main one. Rock and Roll dance lessons were how my ex husband and I dated all those many moons ago.
Actually, I'm not sure I am ready to 'partner dance' at this point still. Partner dancing to me has always been a beautiful, close and somewhat intimate thing - no matter if your bopping to Buddy Holly or doing some fiery Latin number. Call me silly and sentimental ( because I guess that's what I am!) but I tend to get a bit lost in the other person when dancing.....maybe it's all those wonderfully romantic 50's movies I watch as a child :)
Anyhow, despite the emotional limitations I continue to work through, I still hunger for the enjoyment of music through dance. So - YAY - I'm in a place these days where I feel emotionally able to dance again .....even though it is in a solo capacity. Thank goodness the 50's scene I love caters for that with a little dance called 'The Sex Kitten Stroll' (or in some circles, The Rockabilly Stroll).
I really don't know where this dance evolved from, but it is usually executed as a group of women in a line dancing fashion, but with a lot more wiggle!
I recently put together a youtube clip for my vintage blog, Alice Jean's, demonstrating how to do this dance (forgive the bad lighting and vagrancies of colour - my shirt was actually emerald green! - it was recorded on my HTC phone). I thought I should share it here on Life is like a Sponge Cake as well, simply because my philosophy that life should be filled with fun and joy lends itself to doing this dance !

Dancing is great exercise, moving joints and muscles that sometimes get overlooked, as well as increasing the heart rate.

Dancing is fabulous for mental health as well - music is well known to elevate or depress ones mood depending on lyrics, style, tempo etc - so choose lessons where your emotional mood will be invigorated...... Pole Dancing, Latin, Burlesque, Swing, Rock 'n Roll, Line Dancing or Ballroom are all good choices.

And if you are into partner dancing then the benefits of touch and closeness are wonderful. Do we ever get held enough?

Dancing provides exhilaration for 3 out of five senses - touch, sight, sound.....and if you or your partner wears a nice cologne or perfume you can add a fourth! Why not make a ritual of supper or drinks afterwards and top it off with a fifth sensory experience. Win, win, win !
So, my emotional healing continues to unfold, and solo dancing in my kitchen - sending out those sexy vibes to The Sex Kitten Stroll - not only keeps me fit and energised, but increasingly happy as well.
May it do the same for you !

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